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    ON ended up being accustomed to it. Virus H5N1 of the avian flu was
    standardized in Romania, where it made its return on May 14. Since,
    more than one hundred hearths were localised, including in the
    Rumanian capital, which saw in fear of an epidemic even if the virus
    did not make for the moment any human victim.

    The Romanians are furious because, this time, in fact any more to
    and from of the migratory birds of it is responsible, but several
    poultry stockbreeders which knew that their chickens were probably
    contaminated but did not hesitate to sell them at low prices to get
    rid some.
    Vasila Dardala, owner of the industrial chicken breeding
    Drakom Silva de Codlea, small city located at the center of Romania,
    and Macovei Guilder, owner of the Patiprod company of the same city,
    were stopped and risk 15 years of prison.


    The Rumanian authorities are again in state of alert to try to stop
    the damage. A few tens of tons of chickens were seized in the
    supermarkets. “Nearly a million poultries were cut down in the
    areas”, declared the Minister for agriculture, Gheorghe Flutur. As
    for the Prime Minister, Calin Tariceanu, it dislocated their
    functions the president of medical national Association veterinary
    and its assistant. “These people are guilty of a criminal
    irresponsibility”, it launched.

    Carry of entry of the avian flu to Europe, Romania listed, since
    October 7, 2005, 53 hearths of the virus and spent 15 million euros
    to stop this plague in April.

    The criminal gesture of the stockbreeders of Codlea led to the
    contamination of Bucharest. “Approximately 50.000 birds of farmyard
    are high into full Bucharest, deplored the mayor, Adriean Videanu. We
    very seriously plan to prohibit the poultry breeding. We are a
    European capital where one cannot raise pigs and poultries any
    more.” The mayor of the capital is very criticized by the media,
    which reproach him its impotence vis-a-vis this plague. Exasperated
    by the incapacity of the authorities, the president, Traian Basescu,
    requested from the Rumanian department information (SRI) to seek
    guilty truths. The secret agents were ridiculed by confusing chickens
    and turkeys and by showing Hungary to have introduced the virus.

    The Romanians, them, retain only one thing: incapacity of the
    institutions of the country to communicate and regulate the problem
    of the avian flu.

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    “Impotent Rumanian authorities vis-a-vis the avian flu”