Martin W

    just sent another email to FAO newsroom; self-explanatory I think:

    On seeing your 31 August 2005 news release, Wild birds expected to spread bird flu virus further, I emailed you as seemed suspect to me.

    No reply from you.

    News release led with:
    “The deadly strain of avian influenza that has hit several countries in Asia is likely to be carried over long distances along the flyways of wild water birds to the Middle East, Europe, South Asia and Africa, FAO warned today. “

    Now the autumn migration is over, can we expect a news release saying “Wild birds have not spread bird flu virus further – haven’t even spread it within Asia – this autumn” [maybe to Romania and s Russia, but even there, weird and questionable]
    And if not, why not? Surely FAO isn’t fixated on playing role in witch-hunt against wild birds?

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