This is the sort of extreme and unwarranted action I have been dreading. What will be next target for annihilation? I cannot believe that the Ho Chi Minh City Authorities are acting in this way. If all the wild birds in the city were all keeling over and dying and it was proven that they were carrying H5N1 then maybe I could understand that some form of control would be necessary. However, there is no evidence that the wild birds in the city are infected (it’s a situation of lets kill them all just in case!).

    The virus is far more likely to be spread by human activity such as the indiscriminate dumping of chicken waste into fish ponds (see attached article http://today.reuters.com/News/CrisesArticle.aspx?storyId=HAN28708 – I also believe this activity may be responsible for the recent deaths of cormorants in Gao Giong – Mekong Delta ), wet markets, movement of infected domestic birds, products, crates etc, cock fighting, farm workers shoes, equipment etc.

    This sort of action is totally unjustified!

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