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New post to aiwatch, newsgroup re h5n1 and conservation:

Perhaps this paper might be of potential interest:

"Pastoral Landscapes in the Qinghai Lake Area: Current Developments and Trends" (with photos, maps and figures) I have spotted the following phrase: Continuing westward along the south shore of Qinghai Lake, a state-owned "fish factory" enterprise …

I wonder if dead cormorants may have fed on these fish. Shuttle photo of Qinghai Lake, please enjoy:

quickly followed by:

I checked on Google, and it seems the FAO were involved in setting up fish farms in Qinghai Province in the early 1990s through something called the Qinghai Lake study group. The relevant publications are all on the FAO site. Their titles can be found under China at: http://www.fao.org/documents/show_cdr.asp?url_file=/docrep/W7283E/W7283E00.htm I find it easiest to locate the individual reports by using Google’s Advanced Search to match the exact title of the relevant paper. I haven’t worked my way through these papers yet – to find out if any mention fisheries set up at the lake itself, or what they feed the fish on. FAO of course have papers on their site which recommend the use of chicken faeces as fertiliser in fish farming. They also have a paper on avian flu in which they describe as "high risk production practices" "the keeping of chickens over fish ponds; the use of untreated chicken faeces as fertilizer or livestock feed" Makes you think, doesn’t it?