Martin W

Just come across two articles on factory farming of poultry; not great reading for KFC fans, or even Muslims partial to chicken (may be adulterated with pork proteins, to make meat seem better).
Reading them – quickly, what with details to make you go eaaghh – seems easy to see how intensive poultry farms can become “disease factories”, as Wendy Orent writes.
(tho vet Les Sims has noted above the larger farms have less problems with hpai, as can practice better biosecurity)
Special Report Supermarkets: Chicken

At the end, notes:
” Farm diseases are usually quite specific, and attack one type of livestock or crop. The best way to prevent them is to avoid keeping too many of the same animals together in one place, and to rotate them so that the cycle of diseases and parasites is broken. “
– much like situation with wild birds [maybe resident farm sparrows differ?]; as per evolutionary biology Wendy covers (see another thread here).