Martin W

    just received latest FAO report on avian flu situation; sent comments to conservationists:

    So, is FAO a little less sure of its role in the Salem Bird Trials?

    “Wild birds seem to be one of the main AI [h5n1] carriers, but more research is urgently needed to fully understand their role in spreading the virus.”
    – “seem to be”???
    you mean, seem to be because of woefully sloppy thinking, and perhaps an exceptional case or two [Mongolia, maybe Romania]

    There is plenty of data, plenty of info – several/all those on this email list well aware of it.
    Instead of “more research”, simple application of a little brainpower would help show this is a Poultry Flu: it evolved in poultry, it spreads efficiently among and kills poultry. And even wild birds become victims, but not efficient vectors.
    [conveniently, report omits ringing dates for swan in Hungary; powerful evidence it caught H5N1 in Croatia. In 1 Sept report, FAO applying Idiot’s Guide to Logic, by noting wild birds found to have h5n1 all sick or dying, so maybe they wouldn’t be able to carry it over long distance. Err, maybe? Whole report seemed aimed at showing wild birds responsible, and never mind the facts. Domenech’s view, it seems from press reports.]

    Why no mention of vaccines, without which we might have eradicated h5n1?

    How about some equivalent updates from conservation side (IUCN?), without blatant bias against wild birds (and without being pro agriculture, the very cradle of h5n1 and all high path bird flus causing outbreaks in past four decades).

    ne China now blaming magpies as “migratory birds”, for goodness sake.
    The Salem Bird Trials continue.

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