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    Hilarious to see that Niman readily commented on news report suggesting H5N1 found in two penguins in Antarctic:

    The above comments suggest penguins in Antarctica are fatally infected with H5N1. Confirmation of these results would be cause for concern. Antarctica is relatively close to South America, Africa, and Australia, offering easy access for worldwide spread of H5N1 as the host range and geographical reach continue to expand.

    More details on the initial results would be useful. If H5N1 is isolated, sequence data would be revealing.

    typical pretentious pap from the blogger, without any concept of how H5N1 might have actually got there (cf blithely accepting Ebola might be in Sichuan last year).

    edited version of the page now includes, at top:

    WARNING: Some reports indicate that the report below was an April1 hoax published by a Reunion newspaper.

    [whole Recombinomics site should have a WARNING: This website contains lots of ludicrous notions. Read at your own risk.]

    maybe fitting this should be in April, since on 6 April last year Niman announced, “the flu pandemic of 2005 has clearly begun”. (So, on Planet Niman, should have been knee-deep in bodies by Oct last year. Meanwhile, in the real world…)

    Recombinomics reminds me of review [by Barry Norman, first I think] of a film called The Idiots – “by idiots, about idiots, for idiots”. [not that H5N1 is an idiot]

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