Martin W
    They don’t really argue the science

    – maybe because there is little or no science to argue

    as to Gaudia-Ray’s bizarre notions, this from a correspondent:
    Oh – I didn’t know the Great Plague of London (typical rat, rat-flea, and human flea-borne plague) was REALLY flu! Or the tenth plague in the Bible – a flu which killed only first-born sons. Oh. Those were the ones sent out to kill the chickens?

    Still, claptrap clearly has much appeal, to certain people.
    cf, say, Erich von Daniken‘s popularity with some regular folk, but not scientists. (Wikipedia entry for von D includes “Most historians regard von Däniken’s archaeological claims as pseudoscience, and are of the opinion that he is drawing far-reaching conclusions from little evidence and is disregarding more likely alternative hypotheses, but a large group of followers, some of whom have written books of their own, are of the opinion that his theories are likely to be true.”)

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