Martin W

Not sure what he’s correct about. Wild birds spread notion still looks highly tenuous (Philippines dot on his map proven premature – now said to be bad antibiotics for a non-viral disease; leaves rest of map looking v bare re recent outbreaks. Maybe Danube Delta from migr birds; maybe. But migr birds have been through many more places than this. For Indonese, Thailand, local origin most likely).

As to rest of the stuff that formed basis of start of this thread. If Niman correct in one of his main items of baloney, we’d now be well into major human to human h5n1 pandemic, that started by beginning of April – and no longer looking at wild birds spread, but instead worrying re human to human spread, and maybe doing our best to save ourselves (with streets around us knee-deep in bodies).
Instead, still wondering how to save us from Nimanism. :silly: