Martin W

    Hi Anon:

    I’ve been told Niman was a surgery instructor (close to being a lab technician?) at Harvard Medical School.
    Google reveals a few results saying he was this; inc one from Science Mag (for which I’m now just seeing abstract).
    Whether he was there a couple of minutes only, or a bit more, I dunno, nor do I know re other points you raised. Niman does not make this clear on his Recombinomics site.

    If you’d like to come forward with more detailed info, I’m sure people with some interest in Niman (and his theories re bioterrorist pigs, H5N1 and Ebola in Sichuan etc) would appreciate this.

    Indeed, further info on Henry Niman could be of interest; picture I’ve discovered is somewhat confused.

    (I’ve also seen him described as professor Niman from Harvard; quite wrong, as I understand it.)


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