Martin W
A regular monitoring on prevention of bird flue in the territory of
Azerbaijan has been completed. The monitoring was held on the
territories of the Absheron Peninsula, Davachi, Salyan, Aghdjabado,
and Lankaran, as well as in the national parks, reserves, and coastal
zone, Trend reports referring to a message spread by the State
Veterinary Service of the Azerbaijan Agriculture Minister.

Pathologic material was taken from 41 wild birds; blood was taken
from 10 wild birds and 2,250 poultry. No signs of bird flue were
detected as a result of laboratory examinations.

During the monitoring, as before held by a commission of specialists
of the State Service, Health Ministry, Ecology and Natural Resources
Ministry, no facts on bird deaths was observed.

The preceding monitoring had been held at the end of September, and
its results did not show any appearances of the disease on the
territory of the country.

Regular Monitoring Did Not Detect Bird Flue in Azerbaijan