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The real blame is elsewhere; not at all hard for poultry industry to move bird flus around – been proven before.
why so much focus on wild birds, when even FAO noting that H5N1 not found in healthy wild birds?
Why not put at least an equivalent spotlight on farming? (see thread here)

I think we all (or I hope so) on this forum agree. This said we should not cease to bring new data into the forum and try to come to conclsions and evaluate new aspects(see also : http://www.nal.usda.gov/awic/aflu/Pathology.htm

Vaccination technology seems to progress, focus is on recombinant fowlpox (alive) Vaccine and reverse genetics produced vaccines (see China vaccination program) and new DIVA strategies. There is reason to believe that the strict culling ideology in many countries is about to weaken

Thanks, yes, I’ve seen this [full paper], )

Could you give me a link? I’d be particularly interested in the discussion and the methods.


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