Martin W

Hi Jibidee:

Thanks again for post.
Maybe can also start new threads, here in bird flu and wild birds forum, or all our eggs in one basket, as it were.

For the finches:
As I understand it, bird flu passed between birds via faeces. Seems to me a likely reason that mainly infects waterbirds, esp ducks, geese and swans: they swim (and many feed) in water they defecate in; birds like typical geese graze on grass they defecate on.
For songbirds, and especially forest birds, I’d reckon it far harder to come into such contact with bird faeces/diluted faeces – so less bird flu. (A paper I cited in info and links page showed something like this).
Indeed, as mentoned in paper cited in next post, by monkeyes2, no songbirds found with h5n1 during outbreaks in HK parks (at Kowloon Park, I’ve watched munias – small finches – feeding on grain put out for the captive ducks, yet even they were evidently uninfected).

So, with infection of finches – esp a lot of finches – unlikely, plus no known h5n1 for thousands of km, no hint of it being nearer (no likely h5n1 caused waterbird deaths in NZ, say), I believe testing superfluous.