Google and annoying travel related empty pages - stubs

Post I've just made to a webmasterworld thread on duplicate content - after I saw posts about "stubs": pages that may have a word or two as title, and subsittuted elsewhere, yet otherwise all content just as many other pagees on site. These pages may be awaiting reviews, forum posts etc: but darn annoying, as appear in Google results, esp when there aren't many strong pages competing with them.

Those travel-related stubs don't seem to care whether anyone comes along to add content. Just trying google search for small place in Hong Kong [Lai Chi Wo], readily find a listing promising maps, weather and airports for this place - don't make me laugh, there's no airport there; nor does page show a map of the place, or weather recorded there. Just scamming people [Also, I notice that says altitude is 147 metres, even though Lai Chi Wo is at sea level.] Another site boasts of being the best travel forum for this place: has zero posts, so quite how this makes it best I dunno.

Another offers travel deals there: yet there are no hotels etc for miles.

Bah! Humbug!

At least, as far as I could be bothered checking the search result, not seeing a page for flower shop there (even tho no such shops for miles). I have seen for some other small places.

I've emailed google about pages like these; as this thread shows, they remain commonplace - and google even encouraging their creation.

Not so much a personal gripe - I have page at top of the results (it's a really, really small place!); but there are pages on this place, with info and photos, yet they are jumbled in with the stubs, so google results not a boon to users. - we see Google advising re webmasters making sites that work for users. Google could likewise better help users.

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