Adsense n Drupal 6

I've been using Drupal 5, which has a nifty module for using Google Adsense. However, on moving sites to Drupal 6, found this module was yet to be upgraded. I tried Adsense in a block within a Drupal 6 site, but it didn't work. So, searched for answer, and found in a thread on Drupal site.

It turns out that Adsense code doesn't "work" if save a block in regular way, as the HTML filter kicks in (even if try Full HTML), and strips javascript.
One way of saving a block without the HTML filter being applied is to choose PHP Filter as input format.

Then, Adsense blocks work just fine.

For section targeting, I found that could also use blocks with PHP Filter: one for the ad_section start code to go above the content, and the one for end of ad_section to go below the content.

Here's the thread on Drupal site: Getting Adsense to work on Drupal 6.

Martin Williams