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Beidaihe, Hebei, China

Beidaihe (北戴河区), 280km east of Beijing, is China's highest-profile seaside resort

Botswana wildlife bonanza in Okavango Delta and along Linyanti River

It’s a scintillating morning in north Botswana, and I’m privileged to be standing within touching distance of an African savannah elephant

Cheung Chau Bun Festival in Hong Kong

Video I shot of the Bun Festival, which is like an carnival cum exorcism.

Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

cheung chau boatsCheung Chau, is a small yet fascinating island in Hong Kong.

Enchanting Hong Kong guidebook

Enchanting Hong Kong - which I wrote and photographed - reveals the many facets of this kaleidoscopic destination.

Fung Shui - Chinese geomancy in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has held fast to ancient, esoteric beliefs including fung shui

Hong Kong Hiking

ng tung chaiAn overview of hiking in Hong Kong, including a pick of the best trails and areas.

Hong Kong Nightlife - bars n discos

A swift tour round Hong Kong bars, pubs n discos

Javan Jungles inc Ujung Kulon Indonesia

bantengExploring two outstanding national parks that are close to Jakarta, yet take time to reach - well rewarding the effort with splendid forests, scenery and wildlife watching.

Kawah Ijen sulphur mine on Java in Indonesia

The Ijen volcano complex dominates the landscape of easternmost Java. Active craters include Ijen, which for decades has been mined for its sulphur.

Lantau Island, Hong Kong

kwun yam templeHong Kong's largest and most beautiful island: Lantau (爛頭)

Many Splendoured Hong Kong

crooked islandHong Kong has much to offer, including beaches, trails, villages, islands, and the city itself

Mount Kinabalu, Borneo

Rising above lush rain forest to barren peaks, Southeast Asia's highest mountain is a study in contrasts

New Territories Hiking, Hong Kong

Rural Hong Kong has a host of marvellous places to visit, and trails to explore.

North Yorkshire inc Scarborough in winter

Even though Scarborough is my hometown, winter may seem a strange, even crazy time for a holiday on the coast of northeast England.

Old Towns and Snow Peaks inc Shangri-La in Northwest Yunnan

Lots of Places You Absolutely Want to Go

Shangri-La, Yunnan, China

tai zi shangri-laShangri-La, you ask? Can it be that mythical place? That’s what I’m here to discover.

Sri Lanka Wildlife and Culture Travel Tale

leopardAn adventure blending Sri Lanka’s wildlife, scenery, and rich cultural heritage.

The 25 Best Day Walks in Hong Kong hiking guidebook

Hiking book on Hong Kong, by me; classic routes in pocket sized guide.

To the Spice Islands of Wallacea

Inspired by Wallace's book The Malay Archipelago, and enticed by the Spice Islands and the chance of adventure, I'm travelling to Ternate and nearby Bacan and Halmahera.

Wild side of Cheung Chau in Hong Kong

Scenes of the wilder side of Cheung Chau - an island in southwest Hong Kong, during spring 2010.