Really Useful Drupal 6 Modules

Here are several of the Drupal 6 modules I'm using.

Optional Drupal Core modules

Comment, Contact, Menu, Path, Search, Taxonomy, Trigger, Update Status, Upload.


Converts URLs, to include words – such as from site sections, and article titles. May help with SEO, but also makes URLs more human friendly. Requires Token module.


After moving to new server, I faffed about trying some options for running cron via webhost; none worked. Poormanscron name makes it seem a bit naff, as if a second rate way of using cron; but nifty I think, inc as can relate frequency of cron to visits to site.


One of main Drupal modules; complex, not so easy to figure out, but can be a boon to sites, with possibilities well beyond basic Drupal. Documentation notes it can create lists, which seems dull. But these can be all manner of lists, which, once settings made, are created automatically. Might be lists of article titles with links (handy for, as I use, creating menus and index pages for site sections), or far more – could be "lists" with teasers, full blown articles…

Various modules build on Views funcitonality. Views Slideshow or Views Rotator can allows, say, having random teasers or images appearing. Imageflow well worth checking out.


Excellent for faster page loading – caches html versions (and gzipped versions of these, if you wish), so when a non-logged in visitor arrives, no need for Drupal to do its stuff in creating pages.

Gmap and Location

These two modules are a boon for adding Goolge Maps to site; seems best if also use Views wit them. Not ultra user friendly at first, I think, but work well once you've an idea of what's happening.


Like Views, this helps you move a site well beyond basics w Drupal. Can create pages with various elements, arranged much as you wish. As Views, documentation leaves plenty to be desired, but there is power here. I currently use only for home page, but seems tip of the iceberg usage.


I like using wysiwyg editors; tried a few, albeit mostly only briefly. CKeditor takes a little setting up – inc ensuring you're in a category of users that can actually use it! (seems user 1 isn't in this role by default); powerful.


Using CKeditor, I like to add images to articles. There's a browser add-on for CKeditor, but I use IMCE with it – can upload photos to image directories, browse uploaded images, and add whilst editing.

Meta tags

This helps with Meta Descriptions – good for pithy article summaries that might encourage people to click on articles when seeing them in search engine results, and helping ensure Google doesn't figure your pages are all identical, so slap them with duplicate penalty. If you don't specify a description, can use teaser. Can also specify meta description and meta keywords for home page.

Page title

Enables you to use separate title for head code and article.

Dynamic Display Block

Good for random images – inc header images. Also has fancier potential, such as using random images coupled with text linked to key articles/site sections.

Mass Contact

Enables emailing to registered site users (seems you need to place them in at least one category in order for it to work).


Helps prevent comment spam. (Pages w Captchas currently not working with Boost; best to put on sepearate pages to content, and not cache the reply pages where captchas appear)

Advanced Forum

Takes the rudimentary Drupal forum, and makes it rather more like a typical forum.

Google Analytics

Nifty for adding Google Analytics to a site.

Similar Entries

Creates blocks, which can appear on, say, story pages with linked titles to articles [and other nodes] that are related.
To me, seems good to have just below or to right of main content; someone reading an article may then find something that's related.


Adds options to articles, comments etc – allowing you to do basic things such as publish/unpublish w just one click

Flat comments

Makes all comments replies to first posts in threads; instead of potential for lots of replies to comments that become nested within threads (and, to my mind, become rather hard to find as you read through long threads).


Not so essential for Drupal, but I converted a couple of earlier forums w BBCode, plus some forum posters are familiar w this.


Again, help w forum posts and comments.


Some help in reducing spam.

Views Gallery

Seems excellent for creating gallery; I've done separate article on this.

Administration Menu

Adds a slim menu to top of pages for administrators, with access to most admin functions. Very nifty.

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