Olympus Dramatic Tone art filter use n photos


Checking through the art filters on Olympus Pen E-P3, I haven't been too impressed by most of them; yet the Dramatic Tone art filter can give outstanding results.

Experimenting with the art filter a little, I've found it can indeed make for dramatic images. Can emphasise contrasts; and can really emphasise design elements of photos.

Not always worthwhile, though; can make for messy greyish skies when there are blue skies originally. Also, I had a quick try with a rainbow, but thought the outcome was rather horrible.

Here are two photos from a situation when the dramatic tone filter worked really well (at the time of a ring of fire eclipse, though sun hidden by clouds!)

ring of fire eclipse timering of fire eclipse time dramatic tone

Below are images I've created using the Olympus dramatic tone effect.


Martin Williams