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Conservation Plan for Beidaihe

Conservation Plan for Beidaihe

Introduction This plan was originally prepared following a visit I made to Beidaihe in May 2005, at the request of Mr Cao Ziyu, Director of the People’s Government of Beidaihe. I revised it in May 2009, following…


The magazine for the serious birdspotter, Vol III NOT BB The magazine for the serious birdspotter Even more outrageous than the Landguard Paddyfield Warbler Why a Dusky Warbler in the hand is worth two in the…


So You Want to be a Cyborg?

In August 2013, a couple of guys wearing swim caps fitted with electrodes made news, for establishing a connection between their brains. Over-excited headline writers even cited “Vulcan mind melds”,…

A Man for All Sequences Frederick Sanger

November 2013 saw the death of a man described by Craig Venter, among the pioneers of human genome sequencing, as “One of the most important scientists of the 20th century!”…


North Yorkshire inc Scarborough in winter

North Yorkshire inc Scarborough in winter

From a grassy vantage in Scarborough’s South Bay, I enjoy a grand view of the town and its splendid setting. White capped waves roll in from the North Sea, to…

Javan Jungles inc Ujung Kulon Indonesia

Javan Jungles inc Ujung Kulon Indonesia

Gunung Halimun National Park Hearing soft calls – woo woo-ooh – I look up, searching the canopy for gibbons. Above tree trunks soaring skywards, there seems to be only dense…