Mambo and Mac OS X

As you might guess from the title, I'm a Mac user. Mostly, this doesn't matter too much when it comes to building websites with Mambo. But I've had occasional surprises.

Mac OS X and Mambo 

TextEdit in Rich Text Mode is Useless for Editing php Code

My first was as I tried installing Mambo. Had to edit the config.php file - and I tried this with TextEdit, which seemed to be a basic text editor. Mambo just wouldn't work. I eventually found that, in default mode, TextEdit saves files with extra characters that you don't see when editing, but are present in php files, scrambling things (to give one of those dread "parse error" messages I think). One option is, I think, to disable "rich text" in preferences.

But I've since switched to editing php files in Dreamweaver, in the code window. It's surely well over the top for php editing, but I already had Dreamweaver. Can be helpful that it can use coloured text for code, showing different types of code in different colours. I don't know php (just doing cutting and pasting, with code others helpfully provide), but can watch the colours, getting an idea something could be wrong if the colours go awry.

Not all WYSIWYG Editors Work With Mac OS X

Also early on with Mambo, I found I couldn't use WYSIWYG editor that came with Mambo; found this was platform dependent, and the editor worked with Windows machines.

After some digging around, I learned of htmlarea3 editor, which did work on Mac, though I also had to download Firefox browser, which was also new for me at the time. Though there's now more choice for Mac users, I've stuck with htmlarea3 based editor - now, in 4.5.2, using version called TMEdit.

.htaccess is Invisible on Mac Desktop (default view)

When I tried files to generate more search engine friendly URLs (including words), I had no joy. Couldn't figure what the problem was: I'd uploaded all files, as instructed. But, again after spending some time, I found that I'd missed a file - the .htaccess. Not just an oversight; but on Mac, all files with names beginning with a period are invisible.

To see the file, I had to run some third party software. Then, Cocktail; but now, Onyx will do the trick (latest version only works with OS 10.4; but there are other free utilities, which help show invisible files, run cron jobs and other stuff that those of us who rarely or never mess with Terminal find useful).

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