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Yingjiang Fringe - Farmland

Early the next monrng, we headed to an area by a stream just on the fringe of Yingjiang town. There's a mix of scruffy farmland - like small vegetable plots, with a little woodland include fair sized trees. Perhaps should be nothing special; yet with habitat destruction including for more intensive farming - and relative safety from trapping and hunting, so far, this is like a little oasis.

This Red-headed Parakeet proved the most readily photographed of the birds we saw, which also included Blossom-headed Parakeets, Chestnut-tailed Starlings, single White-collared and Great Mynas flying together, a small party of Common Rosefinches, Striated Grassbirds,

I was reminded of Hong Kong's Long Valley, where there is also farmland with some slightly wild grown areas that might look unimpressive at first glance, but also attracts a great variety of birds. Maybe also parts of England with ponds, meadows, hedgerows. Simple enough mixes of habitats; yet sadly becoming rarer.

Struck me this could become a nice little nature reserve or protected area of some sort, which could benefit Yingjiang people too.

Martin Williams