Netvigator Netmail and Netmail Plus

I've been using regular Netmail service from Netmail. Mostly fine, but occasionally had issues with trying to send emails above 10MB, or having big emails sent to me but bounced back as too big. Also had some trouble with message storage amount, when I wasn't removing messages from server fast enough.

I've seen PCCW Netvigator site suggesting I upgrade to Netmail Plus, but other than bigger storage, benefits weren't spelled out on their website so far as I could see. So I emailed, asking if Netmail Plus would allow me to send/receive bigger emails - and seems it will:

With regards to your enquiry about maximum size of send/receive per mail
in Netmail Plus, please kindly be informed that per mail, the maximum
size would be 30Mb, and for Netmail, the maximum size of send/receive
per mail would be 5 Mb, also, the Netmail Plus can have
a bigger mailbox storage of 1 GByte and file storage of 1 GByte in our

So, even though I don't like paying for a service, then having to pay more to upgrade it to a decent level (especially with PCCW, where Broadband tv is similar!), just opted for Netmail Plus.

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