Fireboard page titles from thread titles good for seo and hu

Had an email inc this:

How did you get rid of all the "RE:" in all the forums? And how did you you make each threads page titles ONLY the title of the thread?

I replied:

I got this from bestofjoomla forum, thread on fireboard and seo. Asked re getting titles from titles; reply below. (Don't know if this fixed about "Re" - maybe, but I didn't do anything extra for this, that I recall.

... posting the answer I used below: hope it also works for you! [I'm also using sh404sef - latest version is ok with more than one page to a thread; previously, I found that trying to follow link to page 2, 3 led to error] Page title from first post instead of last: 1. Open /components/com_fireboard/template/default/view.php 2. Find the lines (could be similar, not identical): //set page title if on Mambo 4.5.2+ if ($leaf->parent == 0)... Replace the if clause with: //set page title if on Mambo 4.5.2+ if ($leaf->parent == 0) { $mainframe->setPageTitle($objCatInfo->name . ' - ' . $jr_topic_title); } or, if you don't want the forum name displayed, with: //set page title if on Mambo 4.5.2+ if ($leaf->parent == 0) { $mainframe->setPageTitle($jr_topic_title); } 3. Enjoy.

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