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Here are a couple of comments received earlier for my Mambo and SEO article: Guest Good stuff, all very interesting. I have just completed my first site and I have absolutely no search engine optimisation factored in - so far. Having left this to last my site is up and looking great, but with no visitors. I too have built my site using a version of Mambo CMS. I found your page using the Google search ("meta tags" mambo miro) I am interested in hearing anything on how to optimise a Mambo CMS site.  jesse @ Cheers Jesse Graphic designer Australia

Guest DR. Martin, Thanks for the tip on the FIREFOX browser... As a mac addict I did not know there was a Google bar available until now. All the best and happy Hiking. Cheers Sean David Baylis

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movabletype, textpattern, wordpress, mambo, joomla, makes no difference.

free tagging, meta tags and keywords = miniscule to negligible effect on search engine placement.

SEF/human-readable URLS = no value to SEO; some value to repeat visitors; great value to site security and development of a well-organized site free from broken internal links.

title and description = critical to creating a SERP that people looking for your content will recognize as relevant

authentic, well-written content = the only thing. it's the stuff you can control that most affects search engine placement and whether people visit your site.

well-written code / semantically valid xhtml that separates design from content = good for you, good for google.