Inspirational People

Allen Lien

In October 2002, boxes of clothes began arriving in Burkina Faso, a country in West Africa, and they were all addressed to the

Dinosaur hunter Dong Zhiming

dong zhimingMeet the world's greatest dinosaur hunter

Dr Yang Lihe helping former leprosy patients

Dr. Yang Li-he has spent his life helping cure leprosy. Now he is helping former patients to rebuild their wrecked lives.

Garley fire rescue

A helicopter crew rescues people from the roof of a burning building in Kowloon.

James Reynolds typhoonhunter and volcano videographer

James Reynolds is a pioneer of travelling to experience typhoons, and has added volcanoes to his specialities.

Jessie Yu - Hong Kong Single Parents Assoc founder

The best way to get ahead, says this tireless Hong Kong philanthropist, is to help yourself.

Jill Robinson helping bears

First Jill Robinson was shocked, then she set out to stop the suffering

Maasai safari guide Jackson Looseyia

Kenyan born Maasai safari guide, one of the presenters of the BBC’s Big Cat Live series.

Mother Ko's fight for justice

The more lawmakers ignored her, the more determined she became to seek justice

Mountain Dog and rebuilding schools in China

leo luFormer Hong Kong schoolmaster Leo Lu has hit the road to ensure that some of China’s neediest children receive an education.

Panda expert Pan Wenshi

pan wenshiCreeping through a bamboo forest in the Qin Ling Mountains of China's Shaanxi province, Peking University zoologist Pan Wenshi and his assistant Lu Zhi are about to witness a sight rarely seen in the wild: a giant panda mother and her newborn cub.

SARS doctor Yannie Soo

A mysterious illness was striking the medical staff down one by one. How could they fight back?

Teacher Lin helps kids in Taiwan

Teacher Lin has a dream, in which more and more needy children find their home sweet home