Blurry bosoms on the Beeb

Watching BBC shows on their channels on Now Broadband TV, noticeable recently that there are occasions when ladies only very partially exhibited bosoms (ie, maybe a fraction of cleavage; who knows, maybe contours of a nipple or two evident in clothing) are mysteriously blurry.

Latest example being right now, as a woman cooks with rosemary, spices etc. Hardly hot n horny cuisine show; instead, just a cookery show.

What's happening, I wonder? Some anti-bosom police have been lambasting the Beeb?

Can we later expect to see BBC shows with women wearing computer generated burkas or Victorian-era outfits that even hide the ankles?

And, err, this is in Hong Kong - where can readily see boobs almost out on magazine covers, and plenty of flesh even in local daily papers; as well as on rival channels and some other BBC shows. My guess: we're seeing series that were edited for showing in places like strict Middle Eastern countries.

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