Bird flu hits France!!! (humour and h5n1)

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after sending the above image to a few people, I promptly received this - which actually appeared - illustrating serious bird flu item - in India Daily (someone there creative w Photoshop?) IMAGE(<a href="">[/img]

Thank You! Heres an update I did today for the 'thoughful' side of the Agonist. ;)

btw it took me forever to find that pic at India daily. I stole it and used it for my update.

spoof - yet informed - news report on H5N1 (which could kill between 5, and 150 million):

Any new pictures you've come across? The content in this string is great. I've used this to open up conversations in the hospital as a way of bringing up the notion that some of our patients this winter will have irrational fear and may be calling us more frequently.

HI David: Glad the photos (and video) help some; but I haven't seen any other funny stuff like this since. Article here may interest you, if not seen already:

Afraid of the Bird Flu? The Worse Virus Is Fear: A pandemic that isn't even here is driving my patients crazy

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Bird flu? Never mind The main thing is Mamy is here

[[image not showing; I tried link directly, and maybe need to register for forum it's on - Martin]]

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more fun n frivolity at:

Bush">]Bush Orders Mass Bald Eagle Slaughter To Stop Spread Of Bird Flu

while those fruitcakes who have suggested culling wild birds to stop bird flu, Chairman Mao's experiment should give pause for thought:

[whatt happened in] the 1950s, when Mao Zedong ordered the killing of what he called the country's biggest four evils - rats, flies, mosquitoes and sparrows?

The late Chinese leader's "four pests" campaign proved the Communist Party's power to mobilise China's millions of peasants but the results were often unfortunate.

Mao Zedong's mass extermination campaign went horribly wrong The anti-sparrow campaign, for instance, was extremely effective but had tragic results.

Villagers were told to rush out to the fields, banging on pots and pans and screaming at the tops of their voices.

The sparrows [[and won't have been just sparrows; many birds involved]] took to the air, and as the pandemonium continued, stayed there, too terrified to land, until they dropped dead from exhaustion.

The only trouble was that sparrows are a vital link in the food chain and are particularly fond of locusts. With no sparrows left to eat them, there was a plague of locusts, the crops were ruined and millions of people died in the ensuing famine. [famine not solely from the pests increasing in this way, but played a role]

China"> follows Mao with mass cull - during SARS

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I'm late to see this (via the Agonist forum), but still fun I think, and as relevant as back in Feb:

[url=]Nation's Leading Alarmists Excited About Bird Flu[/url]

Hmmm... Dr Preston Douglas couldn't be related to one Henry Niman, could he?

Just in case you haven't seen this item of bird flu humor doing the rounds:

A bear, a lion and a chicken meet.
The bear says: "If I roar in the forests of North America, the entire forest is shivering with fear."

The Lion says: "And if I roar on the great plains of Africa, the entire savannah is afraid of me."

The chicken says: "Big deal. I only have to cough, and the entire planet sh*ts itself."

One Way For Bird Flu to Enter the country is on international flights. Don't get on an airplane that looks like this. IMAGE(<a href="">[/img]

IMAGE(<a href="">[/img]

Saw this T-shirt at[/url] I've got Bird Flu - I can't park, I'm weepy and it takes me 2 hours to get ready"

Here was a spoof movie poster for The The Atomic Cafe - a documentary presenting early atomic bomb era info clips, using black humour (says Wikipedia, anyway)

[link no longer working]

Just in! (from Werner, who has followed bird flu issue closely)

Just seen daft posts on Facebook:
[quote]*NEWS FLASH* It has just been announced that the world's religious leaders have issued a joint declaration that the Swine Flu pandemic is the start of the Aporkalypse; In addition, Swine Flu has now crossed and mixed with bird flu - Scientists say they may produce an effective inoculation when pigs fly; however, they say that the pigs themselves will not be affected because they will be cured anyway....[/quote]
[quote]I also telephoned the Human Swine Flu hotline and all I heard was crackling.[/quote]
[quote]h crumbs I almost forgot, if you get any weird messages on email about swine flu, it's just spam..[/quote]