Reply To: ESPN Star Sports Cricket Sometimes Live


Another day, another email with complaint to NowTV:

Cricket channel says now should be England vs India

Instead, got Aus vs Pakistan [continuing]

Can you get it changed, fast?

This also seems a case for using the other cricket channel, at 675: they can readily show two matches at once.

But really, NowTV doesn’t care about this channel or customers it seems.

Reply came around 12 hours later – albeit had to wait till office hours; too late by far, and with a whole lot of hurdles for me to jump before NowTV would do anything:

Dear Martin,

Thank you for emailing Now TV.

With regard to your message, we are sorry to learn of the your situation

when watching our Now TV channel, please accept my sincere apologies for

any inconvenience caused.

In order to follow up your concern, please be invited to provide the

following information, so that we could locate and look into the related

issue accrodingly, thank you.

– Related Now TV account number

– Register’s full name

– Register’s HKID/ passport number (first 4 digit, excluding the initial

English character of your HKID/passport number)

**If you could not provide the Now TV account number, please provide us

for your HKID / passport in FULL digits/numbers for our verification,

thank you.**

– The screen capture of related programme (Please provide it if you

have, so that we could take further investigation effectively.)

(**Please however be aware that our Company is not responsible for any

consequence arising from or incidental to the data transmission through

email including loss and tampering of data. Alternatively, you may

contact our Consumer Service Hotline 1000 or provide with us your

contact number, our Customer Service Representative will soon contact

you to offer further assistance. Thank you.**)

Please be assured that we would further take care of your concerns once

received your prompt reply, thank you for your kind understanding and


Once again, any inconvenience is sincerely regretted, please accept our

sincere apology.

If you have any further enquiries, please feel free to email us again or

call our Now TV Customer Service Hotline 1833 888.