Reply To: ESPN Star Sports Cricket Sometimes Live


Once again, an issue with Now TV's cricket channel. As I emailed:

I subscribe to the cricket channel; expect Live cricket when possible.

Right now, there's an England vs Australia match.

You've shown 2 matches in this series; this is third one – so why not showing this match.

Why just repeats, when there's a Live match to show?

More woeful customer service from Now TV?

A friend also emailed a complaint; received this cc'd effort at response:

Regarding your messages, we understand your concern for the commentary

for the channel # 674 (Star Cricket)  and the ''Australia vs England –

Carlton Mid ODI Series'' on 19 Jan 2014. We are sorry for any

inconvenience this may caused to you.

After checking with our record, kindly be informed that the Star Cricket

channel #674 is showing ''2013 Ireland vs England Rsa'' at 12:00. For

the other channels under FOX Sports, including Channel #670 (FOX

Sports), #671 (Star Sports), #672 (Fox Sports Plus) are showng

''Australian Open 2014'' (Tennis).

Rest assured that we have passed your message to the marketing

department to follow up. Please accept our heartfelt apologies regarding

the broadcasting matter. Once we received the updated information, we

would get back to you shortly.

For the feedback about the commentary used in the channel and programme.

We would like to reflect your suggestion to the related party. Please

advise us your now TV account number and your full registered name in

the coming email. We would immediately pass your messages and

suggestions to the related department for further assistance.

Thank you for your understanding and good day.

To which I wrote back:

Yes, I know what's being shown on the cricket channel; this is not Live coverage.

Getting back to me "shortly" will be of little use given the England vs Australia match is already half way through.

As noted, woeful service, and not caring about viewers.