Email I've sent members of Oriental Bird Club; the report I mention is well worth reading:

Thanks for info on the report; I missed link on IUCN site, found by googling the report title:

'IUCN situation analysis on East and

Southeast Asian intertidal habitats, with particular reference to the Yellow

Sea (including the Bohai Sea).'

There's only brief mention of wind farms, which I emailed group about earlier. Think I mentioned seeing map indicating existing/planned projects that would create a "Great Wall of Wind Farms" along north of Bay of Bohai.

I'd learned of this after being asked to comment on plans for wind farm by Linghai reserve, at north coast of the bay, Liaoning Province.

Yesterday's SCM Post had short news item:

Administrator of Linghai reserve had been reinstated; after region's authorities reassigned him following him fining two state-owned firms for building a wind farm that reduced reserve area by 7,000ha.

– I'd seen map of Linghai area, including part showing wind farm right within heart of the reserve.

It's just further horrific development, as China like some gold rush country, with officials hellbent on getting all they can into their pockets; and now the coastal mudflats seen as easy targets for reclamations, wind farms, whatever; never mind about future for fisheries, or "national treasures: like red-crowned cranes, treaties on protecting migratory species.

Mudflat devastation all the easier when, as with Korea's Saemangeum, seems international conservation community could hardly care less.