Reply To: Global warming a tough issue for the media


Good article in Guardian on US lately wracked by extreme weather, but media and politicians pretty mute re global warming – or even strident in denying it exists, never mind droughts, floods and so on. Includes:

The news media carry much of the burden to make this reconnection. Yet, after the Copenhagen climate change conference in 2009, the amount of US media coverage of climate change has plunged to pre-Inconvenient Truth levels, consistently hovering below levels of coverage from other parts of the world.

It's easy for journalists to cover the chaotic claims of prominent politicians. A challenge more befitting of the profession is to demonstrate how climate change connects to extreme weather, national security and the economy. More reporters covering those consequential issues need to place climate change into their journalistic quivers, so they can bring climate into conversation with the other vital issues of our time, rather than relegating it to the climate change ghetto in the media's culture war zone.

Hurricanes, floods and wildfires – but Washington won't talk global warming