Reply To: No English language eBay in Hong Kong


Yes is absolutley true, I have been requested to proof my residential address only in Chinese language, and when I sent complaining emails to ask for translation in english, they told me to send them an email with the Jpeg format of the page that I wanted to translete. So I did, and they replied to me the t they couldn’t open the attachement. Then I complained anout that and they replied that Hoing KOng is in china and many people in HK speak Chinese, and I can ask sokeome to translate the document for me. I think that It’s offensive and ridiculous that Ebay ( an English speaking and Not Chinese company) treat the customers like that.
All the replies were sent with a template introduction like ” thank you for your precious help” and ass licking things like that for 3 or 4 lines, then the real types words were only “ask your friend to translate the page” and ” Hong Kong is in China”.