I Have read with great interest your take on what I would call Dr Henry Niman’s pseudoscientific position regarding Bird Flu Swine Flu and the like. When he is asked for scientific proof for the isolation, electron micrographs, and biochemical characterization methods of such alleged deadly ‘pathogenic viruses’ he dismisses you as a nut case and never answers the question.

My research has led me to the conclusion (uless proved otherwise)that such deadly ‘pathogenic viruses’ do not physically exist. Why? Because NOBODY to date has ever isolated a complete ‘pathogenic virus’, I have asked many of the so-called self-proclaimed scientific ‘experts'(including Henry Niman)for the proof but NONE has been forthcoming. Until the proof is provided the likes of the Flying Pig Virus H1N1 will remain a virtual reality on Henry Niman’s computer.

I am currently debating with him now(or at least I am trying to). For all those who are interested I’d say its a must read – here’s the URL http://www.virology.ws/2009/11/24/the-d225g-change-in-2009-h1n1-influenza-virus-is-not-a-concern/

Best to all