Strange White stork in our nest http://www.bociany.ec.pl


The last two nights (14/15 and 15/16 July) we have very strange and interesting situation – one adult, alien stork spent these nights on the monitored nest in Przygodzice, together with 3 our nestlings, when both their adults stayed all the nights on the neighbouring chimney, their normal summer roosting place. In both mornings alien stork flow away from the nest in early morning, polish time (15.7 on 4.12 am, 16.7 on 4.40 am), after attacks of young and adult storks.

According to the ELSA type ornithological ring number (resighted by the telescope this morning by Janina Bartuzi, Wojtek Kaźmierczak and me), we know that alien stork is an adult stork called „Aggressor” with interesting story – it unsuccessfully attacked our nest in April, after the beatting by one of our adults and falling on the roof under the nest was injured in the breast and wing. After veterinary consultation by Vet. Dr Stanisław Kempa and a first trying of releasing, „Aggressor” spend two weeks of rehabilitation on the garden od Dr Kempa in Ostrów Wielkopolski town (ca 8 km N from Przygodzice), with two other storks unable to fly. Dr Kempa is delivering them the food, but they are free in the garden. „Aggressor” flow away itself from the garden on 15th May.

As we see, he return to Przygodzice nest as the „Guest” more than „Aggressor” now

Let’s observe our nest this and the next nights, maybe Guest/Aggressor will come to the nest too!

Best regards
Paweł T. Dolata
Coordinator of „Close to Storks” PwG OTOP project