The time is going so quickly and now our storks change so much from the small storks one moth ago.
Few days before our Naming Contest was ended and we choose the names for them.
Three names that have received the largest number of votes, from among ten names selected by the project team, are:

Zosia, Barycz, Czwartak

– Zosia (Zofia) is traditional Polish name for girl, Zofia’s day is 15th May, when first two small was hatched.

– Barycz is the name of the river (tributary to Oder) near Przygodzice, their wet meadows are feeding our stork. Barycz Valley is important Bird Area and Special Protected Area of Natura2000 ecological network.

– Czwartak means the fourth nestling (according to the time of birth from all 5 hatched), but it was also the name for very brave and famous soldiers of 4th Infantry Regiment during November Uprising against tsar’s Russia in 1830-1831.

We hope at Saturday 27 VI 2009, about 12.00 (time in Poland) to ring and measure our storks (depend the weather may be on Sunday).

So we invite you to see it on-line in : http://www.bociany.ec.pl page.

With best regards from
Paweł T. Dolata
South Wielkopolska Group of the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds (PwG OTOP)
coordinator of „Close to Storks” PwG OTOP project