Reply To: More hurricanes as result of global warming?


From BBC News:


The strongest tropical storms are becoming even stronger as the world’s oceans warm, scientists have confirmed.

Analysis of satellite data shows that in the last 25 years, strong cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons have become more frequent in most of the tropics.

Writing in the journal Nature, they say the number of weaker storms has not noticeably altered.

James Elsner from Florida State University in Tallahassee, US and colleagues believed the link might become clearer if they analysed data according to the strength of storms.

"We’re seeing a signal, and it’s telling us that the strongest effect (of rising ocean temperatures) is on the strongest storms," he told BBC News.

"At average or median wind speeds, about 40m/s, we don’t see a trend; but when we get up to 50 or 60m/s we do see a trend."

The increase in strong storms shows up most markedly in the North Atlantic and Indian oceans, and is absent in the South Pacific.

"We’re looking at different ocean basins, and some are already pretty warm," said Professor Elsner.

"So there, an increase in temperature isn’t going to produce as strong an increase as in basins where the the temperatures are only marginally supportive of cyclones."

Warming Boosts Strongest Storms