Reply To: Global warming lies and climate change hysteria


If I remember rightly, one of fights by fearsome heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson was against a guy a pundit described as “Not even a household name in his own household.”

I’m reminded of this through reading of Senator James Inhofe trotting out a report for senate, with quotes and stuff from over 400 “prominent scientists”. Claims to refute science re anthropogenic global warming.

Yet, turns out many of these people aren’t prominent; and goodly number not even scientists – include tv weathermen and economists.
Maybe some non-too knowledgeable people will be hoodwinked by Inhofe, again trying to show there is debate/uncertainty where nothing so significant exists; and his report has been subject of some media reports, and of course picked up by right wing websites.
But, it’s overwhelmingly baloney.

For more on this, see, for instance:
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