Reply To: Global warming lies and climate change hysteria


At ThinkProgress, there’s an article re couple of Republican candidates for US election and their somewhat zany views re global warming, inc Thompson’s rather curious notions:

The extremists are the ones who want to do drastic things to our economy before we have more answers as to how much good we can do and whether people in the other parts of the world are going to contribute. It’s the fact that our entitlements are bankrupting the next generation.

Led to bunch of responses, from those who believe we should act re global warming, others who say we shouldn’t. Among latters’ comments is one that includes:

Just don’t for a minute think that you are going to be allowed to legislate any changes to my lifestyle in the name of curtailing global warming. No way. I love my SUV and I will be keeping it. I also prefer traditional light bulbs because they simply provide better quality light. Additionally I’ll purchase and use whatever natural resources I so chose and I won’t tolerate some pinhead environmentalist extremists telling me otherwise.

I posted response, inc:

Seems to me that with the science settled (and, never mind lists of links, it is – as much as plate tectonics, or evolution; and we all know it’s obvious really: CO2 etc are known greenhouse gases, we’re adding more to atmosphere, so not rocket science to predict outcome [predicting exactly, now that’s different]), problem now with such crass selfishness, people who don’t give a rats-a about rest of the planet and the future – which far more prevalent than just CWIAS. And, problems with a bunch of scaredy-cats; just too darn scared to do the right thing.

Huckabee And Thompson: Global Warming Is ‘Overblown’