Reply To: Global warming lies and climate change hysteria


One of the best rude remarks by an MP in Britain’s Houses of Parliament was that being (verbally) attacked by him was, “Like being worried by a dead sheep.”

Al Gore might be thinking much the same, after woeful commentary in Wall Street Journal by one Holman Jenkins Jr (who he?).
The piece is supposedly some sort of critique of global warming science, yet it is totally lacking re actual science, indeed shows no understanding whatsoever of science; and you can be darn sure there’s no mention of the IPCC (which shared the Nobel with Gore) and the many scientists who contribute to its reports, or of the over 200 scientists who have signed the Bali Declaration out of concerns the situation is becoming critical, and action is needed.
Jenkins puff piece includes;

Scientists are human; they do not wait for proof; many devote their professional lives to seeking evidence for hypotheses (especially well-funded hypotheses) they’ve chosen to believe.

since we’re talking science here, where’s Jenkins justification for this sweeping generality?

a consensus apparently suffices as proof of itself.

what complete and utter bollocks

With politicians and lobbyists, of course, you are dealing with sophisticated people versed in the ways of public opinion whose very prosperity depends on positioning themselves via such cascades. Their reactions tend to be, for that reason, on a higher intellectual level.

Is Jenkins for real? This seems more like he’s considering a career as a stand up comedian.
The Science of Gore’s Nobel