Reply To: Global warming confusing for idiots


Must admit I’d never heard of Larry Craig till his resignation over soliciting an undercover cop in a public toilet.
But, noting the ex senator’s a Democrat, and – shall we say – has shown huge capacity for being economical with the truth (blabbering about doing nothing wrong save admit guilt – so, soliciting sex from a man in a toilet’s ok is it? Then denying being gay; perhaps because for his public image he has be be a fine upstanding ‘murcan), just had look for him and position re global warming.

And, looks like he’s a fudger or even a hypocrite on this issue; been among those favouring situational science as mentioned above (this, of course, is not science at all).

Here’s a waffly quote showing he was happily aligned with the ranks of the Idiots:

For example, in 1998, with Bill Clinton in the White House, Sen. Larry Craig said, “As more and more American scientists review the available data on global warming, it is becoming increasingly clear that the vast majority believe the commitments for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions made by the administration in the Kyoto Protocol are an unnecessary response to an exaggerated threat the vice president himself [i.e., Al Gore] is caught up in making.”

Certainty of Catastrophic Global Warming is a Hoax
His website has page re him doing stuff re warming for several years, but seems he’s still a fuzzy-headed about it:

there isn’t even a consensus that a problem exists, let alone what to do about it.

The science appears to be clear that we do have a changing climate. But how much is it changing–and why–and is it important? Environmental changes are still largely a mystery. We don’t know how much man contributes to climate variability compared to nature, and we don’t know how much we need to curtail emissions.

I have been engaged on this issue for several years now. It’s mind boggling to contemplate how our economy–and that of the world–could be affected by policy proposals addressing climate change.

Why, we might wonder, doesn’t he admit it’s even more mind boggling to contemplate how entire ecosystems – not just economy – could be transformed if global warming predictions come true; as several already proving true (see another thread here). And not that some economists have suggested that moves to counter global warming might cost only a few percent of GDP – Why not wonder just why people are so opposed to taking action?

So, ex senator Craig, I salute your downfall. Hip hip, Hooray! :)
Hope you might now stand up and be a man, be true.