Hi Martin:

AThat’s in fact correct. Only whether the poultry is urgently necessary may be doubted. According to a report of the WHO foods are destroyed annually for 6 billion people because they can not be sold and do give that away “the prices bust would do”. It goes actually not to get the people fully at all with this frightful production method for that, but only around the profit of the producers. But that is another topic (also when it with respect to the origin of epidemics, identical whether BSE, SARS or poultry plague, is absolutely from relevance).

Frightening I find particularly the Lobbyism which one with all means attempts to prevent that the risks of the production method poultry industry objectively judges and in public are expressed.

With this topic I remember an old German industrial standard (In the meantime compensated DIN for by ISO, to be dropped more precisely without being replaced):

(I try to translate precisely as possible)

DIN 31 000
“General guiding principles for safetyfair arranging of technical products.” (applies in the core probably also to biological products)

With the safetyfair organization to that solution preference is to be given, by which the protection goal is technically meaningfully best reached and economically. The safety-relevant requirements have in the doubt the priority before economic considerations.

Something comparable would be surely overdue regarding the poultry industry already.. ;)