Hi Werner:

I’ve written of wild birds being victims not vectors.

Poultry are vectors of H5N1 – it evolved in them.
But yes, they are victims too.
We’ve taken a bird of Asian forests, and now pack it by the thousand and hundreds of thousands in hideous sheds, for a surely horrible life. (Anyone selling eggs with pictures from factory farms on them? – instead, get bucolic rural scences more likely.) Turkeys hardly having fun in Bernard Matthews’ farms, either.
Then, when get H5N1, mass killings, with not all birds dispatched (read of some chickens getting up and walking from under piles of corpses).

Sad; arising from our own, human overpopulation.

Adding insult to injury: free range farms are having problems because of the mythical wild birds spreading H5N1 (the Tooth Fairy Bird): worse for smallholders, for poultry, and for consumers.
But, good for industrial poultry farmers and their supporters and those who benefit from them.