Email from Eva:

At 29 V 2009 one (the small,  storks was died)  and at 31 V died the second, more big.

 It was not finish for bad luck in our nest.


The last days was difficult with cold and rain. If somebody looking live http://www.bociany.ec.pl  at Monday (1 VI 2009), you can know how it was.

On the 1st June, was very close to happen next big problem in our nest, which, fortunately, had been avoided. Late afternoon, at 17:25, mum brought to the nest a long, thin [pig’s small intestine]. Two chicks tried to eat the skin strip, each from the other end. None of them could take the remaining part from the other, or to cough up the part that was stuck in his throat. In this way, the chicks were joined together for more than two and a half hours and there existed a serious threat of suffocation.

Paweł Dolata, the project coordinator  and Wojtek Kaźmierczak, helped by the firefighters with their fire engine equipped with lift, carried out very rapid rescue action at 20:00. Pawel and Wojtek entered into the nest and two chicks got relief from the unfortunate food. They also have removed the dead chick from the nest.



Now we hope for all the 3 our storks everything will be good.

Here’s a shot by Eva, taken during the rescue operation [after chicks saved from choking]:

white stork chick rescue operation