Reply To: Great start then horror for England in Perth in ashes 2006


Another day of test misery for England.

They bowled well, tho some bad luck with decisions. Fielding not so hot; and again lack of slips – a “catch” went straight thro first slip position.

But Aussies batted superbly. Accruing major total, and then Gilchrist came in – “out of form” Gilchrist, mark you, and blasted the second fastest test century in history. Must have left England reeling as if on the ropes.

A declaration, and in remainder of play wicket down for England – tho seemed the third unlucky decision in a row for Strauss, albeit this time he was partly to blame, not playing shot to ball straight at stumps (even tho a tad high – given lbw).
Time for all England fans to pray for miracles; but even if had five or six Kevin Pietersens in the side, even a draw would look massively unlikely.