Reply To: Great start then horror for England in Perth in ashes 2006



Another painfully bad day for England. Dismissed cheaply, despite sterling resistance from Pietersen and tail enders – including Harmison and Panesar, the latter especially remarkable given he was supposedly unable to bat for toffee.

Then, Aussies in – and wicket first ball (hooray! – I jumped up yelling so loud I woke my son in next room), after which they looked safe for most of the rest of the day’s play, threatening more walloping of this hapless English side tomorrow.

To fair extent, commentators can say “I told you so”.
Seems England indeed had too much self-delusion (on the part of Fletcher, others?) before the series even began:

Flintoff as captain seemed wrong choice to me; I’d favoured Strauss, figuring Flintoff should be allowed to be all-rounder who’s one of few men who can scare the Aussies. He has captained ok at times; but also some captaincy not so hot – few slip fielders both days this test, and England attitude as Ponting and Hayden batted: England team seemed to become largely just spectators, watching as this pair banged a few more nails in the coffin. Pietersen’s introduction to bowling right at the end at least added interest, with maybe a chance of wicket thro change. While bowling well, Flintoff has batted like a wuss – which surely means the real Freddie has yet to stand at the crease this series.
Trescothick’s inclusion in tour party proved founded on over-optimism from him and selectors.
Pre series preparations were said by many to be woefully inadequate. Now, seeing Harmison bowling more on form, after that hideous, hideous wide first ball in the first test – straight to first slip, and subsequent spraying, plus talk of nerves that as one commentator noted, made him unworthy of being in fast bowling lineage including Tyson, Trueman, Snow.
Ashley Giles playing in place of Panesar in first two tests seems even stupider move now, especially as Panesar has not only taken wickets, but scored handy runs too (and was not out).

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