Reply To: Global warming a tough issue for the media


After seeing news item on National Geographic, sent this to them; maybe self-explanatory:

In article re climate change inaction and costs, I believe you have tumbled into the trap re journalism supposedly requiring balance.

In quoting Timothy Ball, did you check re him and NSRC:
See DeSmogBlog profile of Ball, say:
What kind of “expert” has published only 4 papers that can be found; and no original research in last 11 years, even though prolific in producing “popular” articles, and is in groups that reveal to disclose funding and/or have strong ties to oil industry monies?

Maybe in news, can also have “balanced” items re evolution, plate tectonics.
Except with these, far less of import is at stake.

And as for journalism, “balance” – of rather bogus nature – does not always happen. Do we get balance re, say paedophilia [where I believe are a very few arguing it’s ok]?

The Nat Geo news item is at:
Global Warming Inaction More Costly Than Solutions?