Reply To: England walloped in Ashes 2006 second test


The Telegraph article I added comment to starts:

England’s Ashes hopes imploded this morning in a blaze of run-outs, daft shots and cruel umpiring decisions. From what had looked a safe position overnight – and all through the match, for that matter – they managed to conjure one of the most dispiriting defeats in their long and often inglorious history.

Aussies snatch victory as England collapse
The Times has a good piece, starting:

We came to see England defend the Ashes in Australia, and boy have they defended. So much of what they have done, from strategy to shot selection has been cautious, fearful of error, blind to the benefits of aggression. It has been an abbrogation of the way they played their cricket under Michael Vaughan in England in 2005.
Shane Warne said before the series that it would be different this time because England were not used to being in front, and he was absolutely right. They don’t know how to make the running against Australia. It is anathema to them.
The character of English cricket is defined by the back-to-the-wall situation, Trevor Bailey and Willy Watson defying Australia at Lord’s in 1953 being the prime example. Geoff Boycott played his whole career in over-my-dead-body mode. He was very good against Australia.

England freeze in the heat of Adelaide
Over at cricinfo Australia, an article starts:

What a waste. A decent Test series was developing over the first four days but it was ruined by two sessions of England negativity. In the winning corner was Australia, whose only weakness is not knowing when to stop attacking. Then there was England. Sad, sorry, insipid England. They were as lame as Andrew Flintoff will probably be tomorrow.

Feeble England ruin series

England will need a massive turnaround for the rest of the series – and it does indeed seem this must be with the mindset, for there are players with great abilities (albeit best spinner was a drinks carrier).
Otherwise, instead of parading in an opentop bus after series, looks best if they return home via Channel Tunnel, and somehow remain underground until get to back doors of their homes.

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