Reply To: Bush the anti-scientist and global warming obfuscation


George "Warmer" Bush isn’t going to look good in history, especially for his environmental record. Atlanta Journal-Constitution has short but scathing piece on Bush and his wobbly wimpiness re warming. Includes:

During his tenure, the president first tried to deny mounting scientific evidence of global warming; later, when denial was no longer possible, he tried to downplay its importance. Even now, with the need for action as obvious as a melting glacier, he continues to deny responsibility for addressing the challenge. … As a candidate in 2000, Bush supported the 1997 Kyoto Protocol on climate change and pledged on the campaign trail to treat carbon emissions as a pollutant. Upon election, however, he morphed into a sneering global warming skeptic and then a disinterested thumb-twiddler. He leads the nation responsible for generating 25 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases, yet declines to take a decisive leadership role in fixing the problem. Unfortunately, global warming is moving much faster than the president, and much faster than scientists originally predicted.

A matter of life and global warming

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