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Had reply to the above from masterchief, inc:

We have refactored the menu manager a lot to use fully qualified url’s. I’m not saying it’s perfect, because Itemid is still our nemesis, but it is a lot better than 1.0.

thanks for looking at these things and challenging us on it. Iron sharpens iron as they say This is turning into a good discussion

– crikey, that’s not been kind of response typical of developers, who’ve downplayed the issue, or even (hackwar) said SEO doesn’t matter at all.

I’ve just posted, inc:
I’m glad Itemids are seen as an issue by big chief of core team, and there has been progress; has seemed some others in team don’t care, and/or don’t understand this is an issue. I’ve posted till I’m blue in the face about this; others have noted the problem too. Indeed, I think kenmcd has made one or two posts on this issue.

Short urls, with words, should be the target. And should be “Cool” – similar to permalink idea I believe.
I’m hoping absalom’s code does neat job here, inc with some options for how you create URLs, as with OpenSEF
How many who had sites with earlier Mambo have seen URLs unchanged? How many have created lots of 301 redirects in robots.txt? I still have a collection, inc from a Mambo upgrade.)

As I use Google, tend to find main results have short urls, with keywords.

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