Reply To: Global warming is well underway


From a bloomberg item:

Global warming is hitting the Arctic harder and faster than scientists expected, causing unforeseen changes to the frigid region’s ice, wildlife, atmosphere and oceans, the conservation group WWF said.

The most prominent differences observed over the last three years include a “massively accelerated” decline in summer sea ice and “much greater” shrinking of the Greenland Ice Sheet, the environmental campaign group, known in the U.S. as the World Wildlife Fund, said in a 123-page report today.

“We’re seeing more rapid temperature-warming,” Ted Scambos, lead scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado, said by phone. The best explanation is “a trigger from greenhouse gases,” he said. Scambos wasn’t involved in the WWF report.

Global Warming Is Affecting Arctic Faster, WWF Says